I first joined legacy after falling in love with cheerleading at college; I loved every single minute of being in the legacy family! I learnt a lot about cheerleading from them, and they considerably helped my progression in the sport in terms of stunting and tumbling.  
Whilst I joined my Uni team, I find myself regularly sharing my gained legacy knowledge with other cheerleaders, and I look forward to continuing this passion which Legacy embraced after University too. 
Jasmine Gibson-Williams 
Where can I start with what Legacy Allstars have done for my daughter and our family? -A painfully shy and anxious child who avoided all social interaction, suffered with separation anxiety and struggled with school. After watching her big sister take to cheerleading Loulou decided she wanted to try -it took so much encouragement as just before we entered the car park she would crumble.  
The coaches never treated her differently to the rest of her team but very cleverly took in to account her needs when working with her. From the team’s fundraising, ‘Caric care’ was offered to all cheerleaders, coaches and parents as a weekend workshop in sports phycology -this just ‘clicked’ with us. Everything fell into place and the love affair with cheerleading was well underway.  
Can’t thank Legacy Allstars enough for the confidence and friendship they have given my girls. Some things can never be re-payed xxx Claire Hawkins mother of Bella y1 and j1 athlete and Loulou m1 athlete 
Loulou and Claire Hawkins 
So where do I start… Legacy Allstars have been my family for 3 years now and I feel like I have gained big sisters and of course some little sisters from the minute I started. Cheerleading is a huge part of my life and has helped boost my confidence massively.  
Legacy has helped me do things I never thought I could even dream of doing. In addition, they have helped me overcome my mental blocks to improve my tumbling skills and as a flyer! Over time I have been given the trust and responsibility to become a Junior Coach.  
When I found out that I was being put on the Coach’s Course I was over the moon!! Once we passed our course, we were trusted to help at our first coaching session and I can definitely say it is one of my favourite memories. The best thing about coaching is when you teach the athletes to do a new skill, they practice non-stop, come back the next week and ask to show you their progress and you see the huge improvement they have made and the smile on their face when we tell them how good it looks and ask for a well-deserved high five! 
Emma - LA Athele and Junior Coach  
The best part of Legacy is that it is like being part of a big extended family. The coaches aren’t just there for you during cheer hours but even outside of cheer and are always there ready to support you with whatever. 
Whenever I’ve had a bad day at school or with friends I know that I can just come to training and completely be myself and know that no one would ever judge me. It has also given me the opportunity to meet new friends outside of school. 
Cheerleading for me has shown that there truly is a sport out there for everyone. This team massively increased my confidence and showed me that it’s alright to be a little loud sometimes and not to be ashamed of that. It has also shown me that sometimes the outcome of loosing is sometimes more rewarding than winning. 
Ellen - School Cheer / Junior 1 Athlete 
When I started cheerleading I was very scared, but now I feel really really really excited. And I really love all the big girls because they look after me. My coaches are very kind to me and I love legacy. (Tallulah age 7) 
Tallulah started fun cheer a few years ago now and then we decided to put her into the mini team. 
At first I was worried as Tallulah suffered with anxiety and was very shy. At the beginning Tallulah couldn’t even walk in the hall without getting upset, and just last week she was on the stage smiling and proud. 
It is the best thing we could of done! 
I’m so thankful to the coaches because they have helped Tallulah not just with cheerleading but with her confidence too. Everyone is so kind caring and supportive, I love how all the groups come together and everyone is one big team. Tallulah is so excited to get back on the stage and compete and we are so thankful and grateful that Tallulah is apart of it. School and life can be a lot for our little ones, but it’s so nice to know she has a hobby that she loves and brings so much joy to us all. 
Thank you legacy 
(Tallulah's mum) 
Over 12 years now, I have been part of the Legacy family. I came to this club with no experience, I’ve grown as an athlete, coach and as a person thanks to Legacy. Not only have I learnt the skills required in a routine, I’ve learnt skills that I can use throughout life- teamwork, dedication and perseverance. However, the most important thing that I will take away from Legacy is if I want to achieve something, I need to be willing to work hard and no matter the struggles I face never give up! 
Legacy have a great group of coaches who are passionate and supportive of every individual- teaching you to always believe in yourself. Through moments of highs and lows, the legacy coaches have been there to congratulate and celebrate my achievements, and have lent a shoulder for the tougher times. Their endless encouragement, never ending support and patience when my anxiety got the better of me and mental blocks stopped me achieving, I am forever thankful and grateful for. 
Though I’ve helped to coach many of the Legacy teams, I can truly say coaching the mini team has been incredible. Teaching these little ones a routine can be challenging but the reward of coaching them outweigh this! They’re a joy to teach; their smiles when they perform, their excitement when getting a new skill and their bond as a team, these girls have given me my true passion for coaching. 
Legacy has been part of my life for many years and although I’m going my separate way in the upcoming year or so, the memories will keep me going until I return. Thank you Legacy for everything you’ve taught me, I wouldn’t have chosen to be part of any other big crazy family!! 
Aliyah Hopkins - Senior 2 athlete and team coach 
Abbie is 11 years old and has been at Legacy since 2015. I wasn’t sure she would enjoy cheerleading after attending her first session as she didn’t really know anybody, but she LOVED it and was hooked from the start. Cheer has so much variety which she loves. It has done so much more than just keep Abbie fit. It has brought her out of her shell, and given her a sense of pride in herself, built her confidence and taught her so much about relationships and trust. Taking part in competitions means everything to her and she and her team mates show such commitment. Team spirit is huge among all of the teams at LA, younger ones look up to the older cheerleaders, and the older ones really do look out for and support the younger ones. The coaches are amazing and although it is lots of fun, they are still able to be firm and have respect from all of the cheerleaders. All of this is amazing, but it is not just the children that benefit from cheerleading. I too have made amazing friends with parents I had never previously met. The Legacy Allstars team really is one big family ❤️ 
Abbie Orr - Youth level 2 Athlete  
Who knew cheerleading would end up being such a huge part of all our lives. From day one with Legacy my girls were hooked (and so was I). My eldest daughter was really struggling to find 'her thing' when she tried out cheerleading a few years ago and suddenly she found her passion, a year later my youngest daughter joined too and loves it just as much. Legacy without a doubt is their happy place. 
Legacy is an amazing team with the most fantastic coaches who train and guide the girls with care and dedication. Legacy finds a place for everyone in the team and the teams are incredibly close.They celebrate the highs together and support each other through any difficulties without judgement, it really is like having an extended family which I am so grateful my girls have. 
They have taught my girls hard work, dedication, commitment and team work, all skills which are so valuable right now but also ones that will be so helpful moving through life. 
I am so proud my girls are part of this team, I can't recommend Legacy more highly. 
Indie B - Mini 1 athlete, Eloise - Junior 1 Athlete and Gemma Eaton 
Hi my name is Brooke I am 9 years old and I have been apart of legacy Allstars for 4 years. My main position is a base. Legacy is one of the best parts of my life our team is like a lovely big family. I will always be a cheerleader for legacy, one day I hope I can be a coach too. 
My daughter Brooke started at legacy in 2015 she began in the fun cheer sessions and then joined the mini team and started competing, at this stage Brooke was only 5 years old and was a very shy, nervous little girl that hated being separated from me, she’d barely leave my side. Within a year of being apart of legacy Brooke's confidence grew so much! She became less anxious and clingy with me. 
Brooke is now 9 years old and people can not believe that she was once that anxious, shy little girl that now happily leaves my side without any fuss! 
Legacy is a fantastic sport for Brooke to be apart of, they train hard every week and are extremely dedicated-they all give their absolute best at all times! Being a part of legacy has taught Brooke from a young age to be punctual, to work hard if you want the good results, to work as a team, listening skills and so much more. The friendships she has made are amazing to see and watch them grow over the years. The teams all support each other during routines, practice and have so much fun. 
Brooke Carroll - Youth Level 1 Athlete 
Holly joined Legacy Allstars two years ago and has loved every moment. 
She's developed her gymnastics since joining and its helped her confidence allowing her to believe she can try new moves and work as a team. 
Holly has made new friends and being part of a team brings parents and children together. 
Holly Harvey - Youth Level 1 Athlete  
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